TVDNY is a service user and caregiver led, innovative and cost-effective charity that supports people living with a neurological condition, injury or impairment. We deliver an Advocacy, Information and Signposting service to over 1500 people a year to support neurological need, educate professionals and students, help people understand their condition and overcome some of the difficulties of navigating services.

You can support our work in a variety of ways (e.g. direct donations, sponsorships, team events, etc) and help us to improve the quality of life of people living with a neurological condition.

“What incredible work you have been doing over the years. I love your

approach and the level of care you have given the work”.


“Thanks so much for your support and insights”.


Local Giving: Go Digital fund

Please support us by donating through Local Giving

We must improve digital information for the neurological community. The project aims to raise £10,000; £2,650 to purchase a multi-touch digital screen for a reception area, £1,000 to provide our volunteers with portable digital equipment and software, 200 hours of staff time to train volunteers and deliver the digitalisation programme, £350 for a shelter, table and chairs for awareness raising events and £600 for an ID card machine and cards to promote better neuro-disability awareness.



Coming up Recent events
  • Craft event – July 2019
  • Boxing day dip
  • Richmond coffee morning

Sponsorship form available – Contact us


Susan Walgate artXchange

We will receive a percentage of the sale price as a donation.

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Breakdown per pound donated

Cost Centre Sum for every £ donated
Advocacy, expertise, support, education 80p
Administration, office, telephone, publication renewals 6p
Fees and Insurances 4p
Travel 4p
Volunteer expenses, participation and engagement 4p
Website and digital 1p
Total £1.00


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